Improve Your Audio Experience: Connect 8 ceiling speakers to 2 mini-amplifiers!

  1. Old VS New amp

Today we will tell you how to connect 8 speakers to herdio's new Bluetooth amplifier! Let's get started with all the speaker covers open! All right. you guys see how many speaker accessories I have for this. I also prepared a microphone and a flash drive.Guys can you guess what I'm going to do? Okay let me introduce them.

As you may have learned in our previous video, the old version of the amplifier could only connect up to 2 speakers to one. But the new amplifier can connect up to 4. We have 8 speaker cables here. 4 adapters. 4 power cables. 2 new amplifiers. and 4 old amplifiers.

Now I want to compare the accessories connected with the old and new amplifiers. If you are using the old one, then you need 4 amplifiers. If you are using the old one, then you need 4 amplifiers. That means you need to have 4 power switches. Okay. If you use a new amplifier then you can just need 2 power switches. You will see 8 ports on the new amplifier for connecting speaker cables. And the old amplifier has only 4 ports. We've also added three jacks for input audio sources to the new amplifier! Next I'll show you how to connect the Speaker with the new amplifier and use its input audio function.

2. How to connect 8 speakers with new amp

Now we just need 2 new amplifiers, 2 adapters and 2 power cables, and 8 speaker cables. Now let's connect the speaker cable to the amplifier. I'll turn the 8 speakers over first. So, get to work! Now I unhook the speaker cable. If you are new to this, you can watch how to wire it in my previous video. I won't go into detail here. All right! We have finished wiring 8 speakers. Next we connect two new amplifiers to the other end of the speaker cable. Please note that you take a small word screwdriver to loosen the terminal, then put the cable in, and then tighten. Red with positive (+), black with negative(-).

We finally got both amps connected with 8 speaker cables. Then we connect the adapter to the power cord. We have US, EU, UK, AU specifications of power supply. Then we connect the power supply to the amplifier. Okay. So let's power up and connect to Bluetooth.

3. Bluetooth connection test

All right follow me to connect to Bluetooth. Now We're wired up. When I plug it in, I'll show you the Bluetooth connection on my iPhone. Please pay attention to the change of the indicator light. When you power up, the red power light comes on. Bluetooth automatically turns on the search signal. Turn on the Bluetooth switch. You will see these two Bluetooths that I named in advance. One is the amplifier on the left and the other is the amplifier on the right. Let's connect to the one on the left first.The right one is not connected to Bluetooth and the blue light is flashing. Pair this with the right one.

At this time, the power light turns yellow and the Bluetooth light stays on. OK. Let's play a song before we turn on the TWS switch. My iPhone is connected to two Bluetooth. You guys listen to which side of the speaker is making the sound. Next we are ready to turn on the TWS switch. I'm going to pause the music, turn off the Bluetooth on my iPhone and start over.

4. How to use the new amp

Go back to the state we just plugged in. We press the third button for 3 seconds and the TWS yellow light comes on. The other one too. Now we have turn on the TWS of both amplifiers. Turn on the iPhone's Bluetooth and the two amplifiers connect automatically. The TWS yellow light no longer flashes. If you notice that the Bluetooth light in one of the amplifiers is still blinking, just connect the other Bluetooth to it as well and it will be fine. The blue light is quiet now. Now let's go back to the music and see if all 8 speakers sound together. Yes. I heard all 8 speakers. This is what it looks like in the tws connected state. It sounds good. The room I'm in is about 20 square feet. So next I'm going to show you how to use the three audio input jacks of the new amplifier. I have a microphone to plug into the MIC connector of the amplifier. There is also a USB flash drive. Please note that other modes cannot be used in tws mode. So we can turn off TWS before we want to use MIC mode. OK, after the long press, the TWS yellow light is gone.

5. USB mode

I have a few songs stored on a USB stick. Now I'm going to plug it into the USB port. Now I'm going to plug it into the USB port. click the Mode button to switch modes. you can try to connect it with an Aux connector device.

6. MIC mode

This is the MIC model. The microphone will be inserted here. Click to go back to Bluetooth mode again. Bluetooth and TWS connect automatically. all right. back in USB mode, you can press both long and short buttons to fast-forward or rewind a song. Short Press Toggle. You can also control the volume.Increase the volume+Reduce the volume-Sound fast forward>>>Sound rewind<<<

Okay. We're done. The new amplifier does not need to use so many power sources. How would you install them in your attic? Would you prefer to use a new amplifier or an old one?

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