13.3inch White Marine Waterproof Boat Car Yacht Rubber FM AM Radio Antenna

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This marine antenna from Herdio gives you excellent performance, long-lasting durability, and plenty of mounting options. The flexible mast helps it withstand bracing winds, while the corrosion-resistant rubber exterior ensures that it won't succumb to salt and spray. Thanks to a 180-degree swivel base and a 52" cable, you can mount the antenna in a variety of locations on almost any boat, Heavyduty, ATV, UTV environment. Waterproof Rubber Duck Dipole Flexible Marine FM AM Radio Antenna for Boat Car
Car Marine FM AM Radio Antenna Waterproof Rubber Duck Dipole Flexible FM Modulators GPS Antenna for Car Yacht ATV UTV RV Tractor

Marine Rubber Radio Antenna
Great reception for AM/FM
Waterproof and resists corrosion.
Perfect for boats and campers.
13.3inch Long Mast
52-inch Cable Long

Package Content: Marine Radio Antenna x 1PCS