About Us

Herdio is a 6 year old professional audio system brand with a major product range including home audio, outdoor audio and marine audio. Its ceiling audio range is ace and is a best seller on Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and other platforms.

Herdio's vision is to become a world-renowned audio company that brings Herdio's audio systems into every home around the world.

Herdio invests a lot of resources in scientific research every year, focusing on energy saving and technological innovation, developing a high quality and low price audio range from the customer's needs, so that every customer can use their own audio system in their home and enjoy their favourite music at any time.

Our Story

2016 Herdio is launched

2016 Herdio is launched
Herdio used to be an ODM manufacturing facility and quickly became a widely recognized ODM manufacturer with its professional R&D and production team and superior product quality.After 3 years of ODM production, Johnson H, the founder of Herdio, found that the price of the products we designed and produced had increased several times after they were sold by other brands, so Johnson decided to create his own brand to bring the produced audio systems to consumers worldwide at a lower price, truly giving the benefits to consumers and allowing music lovers to enjoy music freely.

Quite impressed with the ease of install and sound quality. It's not 5.1 with house shaking bass. But installed in a garage. Does well with moisture and heat. Sounds great. Easy to install. Great bluetooth range.

Beck Bill