What is your return policy?

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the purchased goods within 30 days of receiving the order, you can refund or change other model if you meet the following terms:

  1. The goods must be returned within 30 days after receipt
  2. The product must be free of stains or visible signs of use and not damaged
  3. The goods must be accompanied by all original labels
  4. Cash on delivery is not accepted, please pay the freight in advance
  5. Buyers are not allowed to send the goods to the warehouse for door-to-door return
  6. Other items that should not be returned according to law

 I need to return the product/replace the product-what should I do?

Please contact us before returning the product, you can contact us at support@herdiotech.com and explain the reason for the return to start the return process. We will have dedicated staff to assist you throughout the return process. To avoid sending errors, please be sure to contact us before you return.

Where should I ship the product?

Below are the two addresses of our US warehouse
Return address 1: USKY3 warehouse
Recipient: online seller RMA,
Address: Online seller RMA 2125 Gateway Blvd #08241757 Hebron 41048 US
Return address 2: USWC Warehouse,
Recipient: Online seller RMA
Address: Online seller RMA 18501 Arenth Ave #08241757 City of Industry 91748 US

In order to obtain a full refund of the purchase price of the product (excluding initial shipping and handling fees), you must contact the internal sales team at support@herdiotech.com to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA). The specified time frame for the product in question. The product must be returned to herdio in its original packaging and condition. If the customer fails to return any original documents, cartons, packaging materials, remote controls, hardware, etc., additional purchase fees may be charged.

Please note that the Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA)  must be marked on the outside of the packaging of the returned product. We recommend that you choose a traceable shipping method to protect your rights.

 The product has been used for more than 30 days, but what should I do if something goes wrong?

All quality-related defects in products directly sold by Herdio are covered by a comprehensive warranty, that is, from the date of purchase (1 year). The warranty must show proof of purchase and a description of the product problem.

Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Buyers must provide sufficient proof of purchase.
  2. Herdio records what happens when the buyer troubleshoots the product.
  3. The serial number of the defective item and/or visible evidence describing the defect is required.
  4. May need to be returned for quality inspection.
  5. For defective items that Herdio needs to return, if the wrong item is returned to Herdio or the defective item is not returned, the warranty for these replacement items will be invalidated.

 TIPS: Valid proof of purchase

  1. Order number and proof of purchase purchased online through Herdio.
  2. Please note that processing a warranty claim may require more than one type of proof of purchase (such as a remittance receipt and confirmation of the original shipping address of the item).

Not covered by the warranty:

There are not enough products for proof of purchase.
Items beyond the warranty period.
Non-quality related issues.
Problems caused by free products and third-party repairs.
Damage from external sources.
Damage caused by improper use of the product.

When can I get my return amount?

We will confirm the refund amount after receiving the product, and the refund amount will be refunded through your original payment channel. This may require bank review and processing. The refund amount will usually be returned to you within 2-7 working days.