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Ceiling Speakers 

Higher Quality and More Choices

7 Years of Ingenious Brand for Quality Audio


1 Million+ Use Worldwide


Available in 146 Countries


10 Years of Speaker Technology Innovation

Ceiling Speakers-Perfect Home Theater Selection

Ceiling Speakers can be perfectly hidden on the roof or wall without taking up space and making them more esthetically pleasing.

High-durability Eco-friendly Material

Made of durable and lasting ABS material, allow you to enjoy peak performance in high humidity environments and speaker performance covers the room with balanced stereo sound-no drop-offs.

Premium Sound Quality

High-quality, powerful, full-range performance, the in-wall speaker combined with dual high excursion 6.5 inch poly woofers and a 1 inch soft dome tweeter. Each speaker features a high-compliance polymer tweeter that delivers full, rich sound that you are looking for.

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  • 1 year warranty

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  • Money-back guarantee




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