Herdio New 68-Bluetooth Audio amplifiers btx01

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BT Wireless Music function allows you connect & Stream AUX input port plug& play Smartphones and other music devices Speaker Terminal Block, onnectup to (4) Speakers , Powered via Power adapter perfect for home/office applications.


1.Connect the push-in terminal on the rear of the speaker to the speaker outputterminal of the receiver.

2.Use the corresponding side of the cable to connect the ( - ) terminals of thereceiver and the speaker, and use the other side of the cable to connect the( + )terminals of both components.

3.Loosen each screw on the green terminal of the receiver, insert one end ofthe bare wire into the green terminal, and then tighten the screw; gently pull the cable on the terminal to test the connection.

4.Insert the bare wire and fix it on the Speaker terminal, and test the connection by gently pulling the cable on the terminal.


1. Press and hold above 3 seconds to turn on the amplifier . The amplifier isturned on with Bluetooth mode by default, and the Blue LED flashes indicatingit is ready for being paired.

2. Mode Switch: Short press the Mode Button to switch between Bluetooth,USB, AUX, MIC.

3.Bluetooth Device Pairing:

①Before attempting to pair / connect, ensure the unit is in 'Bluetooth Mode. Enter Bluetooth Mode by selectng BT on the unit's front panel Input Selector.

②Then, go to your Smart device's Bluetooth Network Settings and connect to the Amplifier. The Network Name will appear as 'Herdio' on your device list. No password is required to connect but if you are prompted enter '0000' (4 zeroes).

③Upon pairing, the Bluetooth LED indicator light will blink progressively quicker until the unit successfully pairs with a compatible Bluetooth device.

④When a successful Bluetooth connecton is established, the Bluetooth LED indicator light will shine solid indicatng that the unit is ready to transmit audio.

4.USB Port: USB Card Reader&USB Charge(5V 1A).

5.AUX IN:(3.5mm)Audio Input Jack can Connect&Instantly Stream AudioFrom your Favorite Devices.

6.MIC IN: 1/4 Microphone Input Connector Jack.

7.TWS operation: Press and hold the Button for 3 seconds, When theamplifier is in Bluetooth mode,the yellow LED flashes indicating the TWSpairing mode is on waiting another power amplifier to be connected, the solidyellow LED indicates that the 2 amplifiers are connected together successfully.

8.Mono operation: Press and hold the Button for 3 seconds , the greenLED will turn on solid, indicating the amplifier audio signal is changed fromstereo signal to mono signal.

Factory Dafalut setting: Press and hold the Button for 3 seconds and you willhear a beep signal indicating the resetting to factory defaul setting has been made.


Bluetooth Version: 5.0 

Mic Input Type: Dynamic

Power Type: Stereo Class-D

Minimum Load Resistance: 4 Ohn

T.H.D.: 0.03% (8 Ohm, 1 kHz)


Power Output 200 Walt Peak, 40 Watt RMS*4Ch.@4 Ohm