Connecting Herdio Bluetooth Amplifiers to Your Projector: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome back to the Herdio channel, where we strive to make home audio systems affordable for more families. Today, we'll delve into the diverse ways you can connect 

your Herdio speakers to a projector, catering to both Bluetooth enthusiasts and those who prefer traditional audio cables.

Connecting Herdio Speakers to Your Projector

Herdio's speakers primarily connect via Bluetooth, providing a convenient and wireless audio solution. Here's how you can connect each model to your projector:

1. Outdoor Speakers with Built-in Bluetooth
Herdio's outdoor speakers are perfect for open spaces. Follow these steps for a wireless connection:

- Enable Bluetooth on your projector.

- Pair the projector with the outdoor speakers.

- Set the projector's sound output to Bluetooth for immersive wireless audio.

2. BTX01 - 2-Channel Mini Amplifier

The BTX01 amplifier offers versatility with both Bluetooth and audio cable connections:

- Connect via Bluetooth for a wireless setup.

- Alternatively, use an audio cable for a seamless and reliable wired experience.

3. 68 Model - 4-Channel Mini Amplifier

Similar to the BTX01, the 68 model provides both Bluetooth and audio cable options:

- Choose between a wireless or wired connection based on your preferences.

- Effortlessly connect the 68 model to your projector for an enhanced audio experience.

4. 16BT In-Wall 2/4 Channel Amplifier

The powerful 16BT amplifier caters to both Bluetooth and audio cable preferences:

- Integrate it into your wall setup or opt for a flexible arrangement.

- Connect via Bluetooth or use the audio cable for a personalized audio experience.


Herdio's lineup of speakers and amplifiers offers flexibility in connecting to your projector. Whether you prefer the convenience of Bluetooth or the stability of a wired connection, Herdio has you covered. If you found this guide helpful, give us a thumbs up, subscribe for more Herdio tips, and leave any questions or comments below. Until next time, happy connecting!