2-Channel Bluetooth Amplifier For Ceiling Speakers AMP BTX-01

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Power supply: 12V3A

Experience seamless audio with our Bluetooth amplifier, designed to effortlessly connect with a wide range of ceiling speakers, enabling you to swiftly set up your sound system and enjoy your favorite music.

1. Enjoy seamless connectivity with built-in Bluetooth, compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices.
2. AUX input for connecting external audio sources.
3. TWS capability to pair with another amplifier of the same model for synchronized operation.

Peak output power: 40W-80W@4Ω
Drive output peak voltage: 26Vpp ≥ 36Vpp
Drive output peak current: 3.2A ≥ 4.5A

*Different speaker models have different power specifications. If you're using Herdio speakers and need help choosing the right power supply, please check this Page: Power Supply Specifications or email us at support@herdiotech.com.