Herdio Outdoor Speakers Buying Guide

In this blog, we'll dive into the beginner's guide for Herdio outdoor speakers, breaking it down into 10 key points. If you're new to Herdio, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated. Let's jump right in!

1. How They Work
Let's start by understanding how these speakers operate. Herdio's outdoor speakers come in active and passive varieties.
● Active Speakers: Equipped with a built-in Bluetooth amplifier that directly plugs into the power supply.
● Passive Speakers: Require connection to an amplifier and lack Bluetooth functionality.
For a pair or two speakers, we've included a couple of connection diagrams to illustrate how the passive and active series work.

2. Audio Source Input
Regardless of being active or passive, these speakers don't have their own audio input interface. However, you can connect passive speakers to an amplifier with an audio input to bring in sound. Our amplifiers BX01, 68, 16BT all feature Aux holes, and both 68 and 16BT have USB and MIC ports.

3. Built-in Bluetooth Functionality
The active speaker, serving as the main speaker, features a built-in Bluetooth amplifier. When powered up, one speaker can function independently. Models 401, 501, and 601 come in sizes of 4 inches, 5.25 inches, and 6.5 inches. When the power is plugged in, the Bluetooth light inside the active speaker starts flashing, indicating it's searching for pairing. A constant Bluetooth light means it's already connected to a device.

4. Making 8 Speakers Work Simultaneously
To have 8 speakers working together, you can link 8 passive speakers with two 68 amplifiers featuring TWS function. Alternatively, for active speakers, Bluetooth in the main speakers can be used to connect passive speakers in series.

5. Wiring Considerations
When wiring, pay attention to connecting the speaker cable to the red-black pillar on the back of the speaker. Ensure proper contact by avoiding insulation in metal terminals. The same applies to the amplifier end. The speaker cable should be positioned in the front. Need an extension? Our default length is 5 meters, or contact us for a custom purchase.

6. Hardwiring Your Own Power Supply
For those wanting a hardwired power supply, use the included 12V DC cable wiring, available for the 401 and 501 models.

7. Changing Bluetooth Names (Multiple Pairs)
If you've got more than two pairs of active speakers from Herdio, change Bluetooth names on Android or IOS to distinguish installation locations.

8. Connecting to Alexa
Pairing with Alexa involves disconnecting from your phone. For passive speakers, use our Bluetooth amplifier, and for active speakers, connect via the built-in Bluetooth system. Remember to change the connected device to Bluetooth in the Alexa app.

9. Waterproofing
While not recommended to leave them submerged, these speakers are resistant to moisture and the elements. However, the power supply is not waterproof, so it's best to use them on a covered deck or patio.

10. Installation
To install, use the screw holes on the metal frame and fix them to the wall. Control the two knobs at the top and bottom of the speakers for better direction rotation.
We hope this guide gives you a comprehensive understanding of using our outdoor speakers. For the perfect outdoor speakers for you, contact us via email. Always happy to help!